Introducing our new Chief Commercial Officer

Fifty ZOO is excited to announce Michael Rule.

Michael joins us with a wealth of experience and huge reputation in the technology industry earned through his time at both Apple and Telstra.

After 20 years in mobility I am still incredibly excited by the potential that mobile solutions have to transform lives and organisations. We see a growing list of case studies for solutions that have transformed employee and customer engagement whilst fundamentally changing the economics of a company. Unfortunately, we still see far too many organisations engineering from the outside in and prioritizing ‘the tech’ not the experience and business outcome. I have joined an organisation that cares deeply about its employees, customers and partners and matches this with incredible design and business acumen. I feel blessed to have access to an extensive catalogue of services, IP and products to continue moving this industry forward
— Michael Rule

Michael’s career in mobility began with his work creating a new practice managing mail/PIM solutions on Palm with organisations like Good Technology in the 90’s. He has worked on the development of solutions back to Symbian/Windows Mobile, including a use case for mobility in the media industry, with one of the first live crosses of a radio journalist on a mobile in ANZ. Michael headed up Carrier Enterprise Sales in ANZ for Apple where he helped organisations leverage iOS. His career then took him to APACs largest telco, Telstra, where he lead a product team to deliver a variety of human-centred design project crossing enterprise and SMB to meet the needs of Telstra’s customers.


As our Chief Commercial Officer, Michael will be focussed on building long lasting relationships with our partners and customers as we continue to design amazing products and deliver awesome.

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