Our Story

Fifty Zoo was founded as a place for the very best business and experience designers to do nothing but awesome!


Working with Governments and Enterprise around the world our focus is on simplifying business processes and creating new mobile technologies and experiences that better engage people in their work and the brands they interact with.

We do this with the support of our partners such as SAP, AWS, Microsoft, Salesforce (and more to be announced shortly) whom we’ve worked with for many years all around the world.

We can solve many of the worlds challenges and have a positive impact on peoples lives by designing and building processes and technologies people want to use, not just need to use to get their work done
— Tony Ockleshaw, CEO, fifty ZOO

By taking a human-centric approach to business strategy, process re-design and product design we can work to solve real challenges, and use technology to have a lasting positive effect. Creating useful technology that that people want to use, not just need to use to get their work done or better engage with a brand is what we do.

Our team has been working with the biggest brands in the world for many years and were looking forward to continuing on all the great work.

Adam Sayer