We are always looking for amazing people who want to do awesome.



At fifty ZOO we have an absolute focus on delivering nothing but awesome for our customers and the user. We will never compromise on quality and always do the right thing. Our people are amazing and are part of our mission to build the very best team in the world.



We believe in keeping things small. We want you to feel a sense of ownership - not just of your work but the company as well, so to that end we’ve decided that our team should never grow beyond fifty people. By joining fifty ZOO you’re becoming a partner in a close knit team where your opinions and actions will help drive the direction of the company.


Why join us

We want to make a difference and we want to make the world a better place. We are achieving this by creating amazing experiences for all users; employees, stakeholders and customers within government and enterprise.



  • Every member of the team is a shareholder in the business through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

  • An open work from home policy

  • 5 weeks paid leave every year

  • The opportunity to travel, and when we do travel for projects we don’t just send you and ask that you leave your loved ones at home

  • Our partners give us access to the latest and greatest technology that allows us to help organisations innovate

  • All the tools you need to do awesome including laptop

  • Mobile phone allowance

  • Home internet allowance

  • Health insurance

  • Lunch is on us, every day

  • We pay for you to have access to personal finance and wealth advice (we want you to be as successful personally and professionally)



Current openings.


Business Designer


Experience Designer